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Private Tutoring

Meet Your Academic Goals

1on1 Tutoring

Three Students and One Teacher

  • Our 1 on1 tutoring service gives students the opportunity to get the help they need at a great value.

  • Students who need help in a specific topic will be grouped paired with a tutor to help meet their academic goals

  • This 1 on 1 setting allows for our instructors to focus their help on each student and cater to their individual needs.

The AP Academy offers personalized tutoring for a wide variety of subjects beyond standard school subjects and test prep. Every student will be paired with a qualified instructor and given individualized attention targeting his or her particular needs.

Private tutoring is available for any of the following topics:

• TEST Prep (New SAT & ACT)    • SAT II (All SAT Subject Tests)

• AP Exams (All Subjects) • PSAT  • SSAT • ISEE  • GED • TOEFL

• GRE  • PSSA • Biology • Chemistry

• Physics  • World History • US History • European History

• History/Social Studies  • English (K-6) • Writing  • Reading Comprehension

• Literature    • Essay Writing  • General Math (K-6)

• Pre-Algebra   • Algebra I, II • Pre-Calculus • Geometry

• Calculus • Math Level I, II

• Homework Help (All Subjects) • ESL (English as Second Language)

If you are interested in receiving tutoring for any subject not listed, please call and let us know!

Tutoring Policy

To all students and parents partaking in our tutoring programs:


Thank you for your interest and faith in our programs. Our staff takes pride in providing precise academic services and promise a successful journey for our students. In order to maintain the most fruitful experience, please abide by the following guidelines:

1. All homework must be complete by the next session. Homework is not given as busywork but as a guide to an efficient and productive study schedule.


2. Tuition is due prior to the student’s session on a monthly basis.


3. If for any reason a student cannot attend a session, a 24-hour notice is required in order to qualify for alternate scheduling.


Refunds and/or alternate scheduling cannot be issued for last-minute cancellations.

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