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Top Quality Guidance

The AP Academy has been experts in academic preparation since 2004.
We are dedicated to providing students with proactive learning solutions and techniques that will stay with them, not just through entrance exams but through their entire academic careers.

Students who have taken part in our courses have had proven success in boosting their scores and improving their study skills. We believe in nurturing each student, providing not just academic support but moral support throughout the process. Let’s work together toward your next big achievement.

To The Parents

Greetings! Thank you for your interest in The AP Academy. Our goal is to inspire our students to excel in their academic careers through preparatory and supplemental courses. At our learning center, students are strongly encouraged to faithfully complete our comprehensive enrichment programs.


We look forward to offering challenging courses that will not only teach our students, but enable them to have the confidence to apply the skills they learn here in other areas of their lives.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in education and cultivating academic excellence. It is our promise to inspire those who dream to be the dream!

To The Students

Today’s pain gives life to tomorrow’s hope. Suffering and hardship are a part of every student’s life. In one form or another, we all face our share of difficulties. The crucial factor which determines whether or not you will cross the thin line between success and failure is how wisely and effectively you handle these challenges today.


It is upon this ambition by which the promise of tomorrow’s hope will bloom. Find courage in your youth–realize

the true power of it. Push yourselves beyond expectations and may tomorrow’s dreams be the life you lead.


Madison Harden (Columbia University, Class of 2020)

Coming into AP Academy, my self confidence was very low regarding standardized testing.  My dream school had always been Columbia University, and I knew that I would be competing against the top students in not only the United States, but all over the world.  Like any student trying to improve his or her score, I decided to research for SAT tutoring.  Over the summer before my junior year, I found myself in my first SAT prep class, where I quickly learned that not all SAT prep companies will offer the same support that I would soon find at AP Academy. With a sensitive area such as standardized testing, which helps to decide the strength of a student’s application, the SAT prep company I studied with that summer was very inconsiderate of the anxiety I felt while preparing for this exam.  My scores did not improve.  After a few weeks, my mom thought it best to start looking for other places to continue my preparation.  With a friend’s recommendation, I was introduced to AP Academy.  AP Academy not only proved to have advantageous techniques to understand each problem, passage, and writing prompt, but also provided instructors who made me feel comfortable and more confident with each class.  They stressed that with hard work there was no reason I could not be as competitive as any other student.  The weekly one-on-one tutorials combined with a weekend boot-camp help me raise my score over 500 points and earn an 800 in math.  As a result, I am now preparing to attend my dream school, Columbia University, thanks to the teachers and all of the support I received at AP Academy.


Erin Kim (Cornell University, Class of 2020)

Through the elite classes of the AP academy, I was provided waves of real SAT practice tests I would never have access to on my own. The rigorous cycles of daily timed real tests and full practice tests for homework were what differentiated AP Academy from other institutes. AP Academy also provided me an opportunity of an internship through which I have been pursuing research and plan to continue during college. The local connections of AP Academy's staff have been critical to my journey in exploring different career fields and ultimately choosing mine. The staff is also very knowledgeable of the college admissions process so I was able to seek professional guidance, from course selection and prioritizing extracurricular activities to choosing a major and crafting an essay that will reflect my strengths to colleges. When thinking about my experience with AP Academy, rigorous coursework comes to my mind, but also the cooperation among peers and the staff. The fun moments we had at the AP Academy made one of the most stressful periods of my life not so bad after all. AP Academy encourages students through a rewarding atmosphere of recognizing the achievements of others and motivating students to do better through the performances of others, instead of  comparing students to engender bitter competition. I have no doubt AP Academy will continue its legacy in guiding students to live up to their potentials and make the most out of their intelligence and drive.

Christina Vosbikian (Princeton University, Class of 2018)

(SAT 2400 Perfect score, 2014 National Merit Scholarship Finalist)

I knew from the first time I set foot in the AP Academy that it was the perfect place for me to seek preparation for the SAT. I met with Mr. Rhee at the end of my sophomore year to set up a tutoring schedule for that August. Mr. Rhee really understood the type of student I am and was able to make a very personalized plan for my lessons. We had limited time to prepare for the test, but I knew I could do well on the SAT as long as I listened to my teachers’ advice. I put my complete trust in their knowledge of the test and how best to prepare me for it. As time would show, my trust was well placed. After a month of intensive lessons with both Mr. Rhee and Mr. David Oh, I felt very prepared to take the SAT. My teachers had tailored each lesson to my strengths and weaknesses; they took the time to make sure I became completely comfortable with the SAT. As test day dawned, I found myself all too familiar with the test itself. My teachers made sure I had been exposed to hundreds of SAT questions. I expected to do well on the test, mostly because of how well I had been prepared by my teachers. I had seen improvement in my test-taking ability over the span of my lessons; I felt confident that I would do well, but didn’t think I would get a perfect score on my first try. I remember Mr. Oh joking with me, saying that he knew I could get a perfect score, as long as I focused while I was taking the test. Still, when I saw my results on that October morning, I was beyond shocked. I had to ask my parents to confirm that the webpage actually showed scores of 800 in all of the three sections. I was absolutely ecstatic; I had achieved something I had dreamt about for years. I had scored a 2400 on my SAT on my first try. The first thing I did was email my teachers to tell them the news because I knew they had a huge hand in my success. I would advise future test takers to make sure to communicate with their SAT teachers and really listen to their prompts. Scoring well on the SAT requires you to approach preparing for the test with an enthusiastic and tireless mindset. You must be willing to do as many problems as your teachers ask you to do because you truly want to do well. Once your teachers get to know the kind of student you are, they will know what steps are necessary to get you a great score on what is probably the most important standardized test for high school students. As long as you communicate with your teachers and truly commit to preparing for the SAT, there is no reason you shouldn’t ace the SAT with the help of the amazing people at The AP Academy.  



Priya Kikani (MIT; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2018)

I scored an 800 in the Mathematics section thus raising my SAT composite score to 2360. Thank you for all of your help in introducing me to the Phythagonean Theorem on Steroids as well as demystifying probability. Thank you for staying far beyond the set time to help me tackle harder and harder problems. Clearly it worked. Thank you for continuing to help me throughout the week, giving me email hints as well as checking my answers. While I was a little nervous on test day, my overall mood was one of confidence because I knew that I had prepared so well. All of the stratagies we discussed came in handy. Thank you again for all of your help.



William Chen (University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018)

My experience in the AP Academy was inspiring and satisfactory. The teachers and staff were all kind and tried their best to make the day enjoyable and educational. They combined grammar lessons and vocabulary study into games -no matter how dull the actual subjects were. The class sizes were comfortable too: they weren't so small as to make you feel uncomfortable and awkward, yet not so large that some students didn't have a voice.  Most importantly, however, I think that I made a great investment with my time because I learned a great deal, specifically in critical reading and grammar, from the teachers this summer and I got 2360 .  All that study and time and effort paid off in the end.

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Charlie Zhang (Harvard University, Class of 2017)

Perhaps one of the greatest assets that the AP Academy provides for its students is one that is unique to its resources. Through its staff and local connections, the academy provides students the opportunity to pursue additional learning opportunities. For example, I was allowed a great internship under Dr. Scott Rawls at the Temple University School of Medicine, which allowed me to truly expand my interests and even become the first author of a research paper I had worked on. The lessons learned from the experience, beyond the science, were integral in my success in academics and life mindset.



Julia Wu (Cornell University, Class of 2017)  

I have been part of the AP Academy for quite a few years now. At first it was just for one-on-one tutoring for my AP classes but then I became involved in their SAT program. Even after completing both AP Academy’s SAT program and high school, I am still involved because I feel connected with the staff’s mission of helping students become the best they can be academically. In just one short summer, I raised my overall SAT score by almost 500 points. Most of my other classmates raised their scores by at least 100 points.  Such a huge grade boost isn’t achieved by simply practicing- it is accomplished through the unique teaching methods of the teachers. This academy teaches something more important than simple math equations or English grammar. It teaches students how to think and use their brains. AP Academy also attracts motivated and bright students willing to work hard to explore their full potential. In the rigorous yet collaborative environment of AP Academy, I connected with like-minded people who motivate each other through their common goals and interests. Many of those friends have now gone off to great colleges and are using their minds to help others around the world. Besides, it’s always better to struggle and think through problems with others around you than alone at home. Although college admissions are getting more competitive and there is undoubtedly an aspect of luck involved, I can honestly say that my time at AP Academy has helped me become a stronger applicant.



Matthew Kim (Dartmouth College, Class of 2017)

As I prepare to matriculate to college in a few months, I give thanks to the entire staff at The AP Academy for their perpetual efforts in allowing me to realize my full potential as a high school student. During my stay at the Academy, the staff worked tirelessly and often went out of their way to explicate even the most minuscule of details on the SAT, truly exerting effort for the betterment of their students. The opportunities made available to the students are endless; between the volunteer and internship opportunities, I acquired a research internship at the Temple University School of Medicine that broadened my passion for science. In September, I will take my passion for science to Dartmouth College--the college of my dreams--and for this I am eternally grateful for The AP Academy and its staff.



Casey Lee (NYU, Class of 2018)

The AP Academy helped me a lot over the years with my academics. From math tutoring, to SAT classes, to help with college applications, it's really allowed me to lead my academic career in the direction I needed. Thanks to the AP Academy, I had plenty of great schools to choose from. And as weird as it sounds, my favorite memory from the AP Academy was the Saturday morning SAT classes, where I made a lot of great friends and the teachers were always so funny and helpful. I learned a lot here and met great people!



Cary Zhang (Pittsburg University, Class of 2018)

(SAT 2400 perfect score, 4 years full scholarship)

My January SAT scores came back and I just wanted to let you know that I am really happy with my scores! I got a 2330 overall, including an 800 in math (thank you!) an 800 in writing with an essay score of 10, and a 730 in reading. Combined with my 800 in reading from last time, I now have a 2400 superscore! I could never have done this without your time, effort, and encouragement and I definitely couldn't have done it without the AP Academy. So, thank you all very, very, very much!



Jon Oh (Pittsburg University pre-med, Class of 2017)

I just got my SAT scores back yesterday! I scored 2220 and I went up over 600 pt!!! Thanks so much for all your help and I just wanted to say my time at the AP Academy really helped. To tell the complete truth, I did not think that I would ever score this high when I first came to  the AP Academy  last summer!!! Thanks so much!



Radhika Chunduru (8 years MD/ BS, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Class of 2017)

I have received the best news ever.  I was accepted into the 8-year BS/MD program for USciences and TCMC!!  I couldn't be happier.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort to help make my application strong. I couldn't have done it without you :) You're the best!    



Arushi Jain (University of Rochester, Class of 2018)

I just want to take this time to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You always had smiles on your faces and were always there for me. I am proud to say that I will be attending the University of Rochester next year, but without your support and encouragement, I would have gotten nowhere. I genuinely appreciate all the time you put into ensuring that I'm at my best. I've never been this pleased and happy with any tutoring service before and have made my brother ever more excited in attending the AP Academy next year. Again, thank you so much for your help.



Gloria Kim (Swarthmore College, Class of 2018)

My favorite memory from the AP Academy is when I came to visit a year after taking a summer program, to pick up my sister. Mrs. Park and Mr. Rhee were so welcoming and I noticed a couple of familiar faces. It was then that I realized how much the AP Academy has helped me -not just in terms of score improvements but also in networking and providing opportunities for non-academic interests as well. Even though the hot summer days spent memorizing vocabulary word seemed like unending, I realize how beneficial it was for me at the end of the day! :) Thank you for everything.

Rachel You  (Boston College, Class of 2018)

I loved sharing the good news of college acceptances with the staff of the AP Academy. Mr. Rhee was absolutely ecstatic after he had heard about my acceptance to my #1 choice. College acceptances are already great to begin with, but having someone be as happy for you about it made it even more special!



Christy Kang (University of Virginia, Class of 2018)

My favorite memory is the study sessions. Even after sitting in class for 7 hours, some of us stayed for additional 3-4 hours to study even more. It was great to be around other students who were also willing to put in the extra work to do just a little bit better on the SAT. We had so much fun studying together and helped each other, while eating snacks, talking and hanging out. It was such a good environment to be in!



Alonso Trejo-Mora (Duke University, Class of 2019)

At the AP Academy, I learned not only to be a better test taker but also to be a better student. Waking up early on Saturdays for SAT practice might sound unpleasant, but after a mere two weeks I adapted and could feel my productivity increase. Surrounded by dedicated students who were willing to study on weekends, I could feel nothing but admiration and inspiration, driving me to keep developing my own skills as they developed theirs. As the sessions continued, test questions became more and more similar. No longer did it seem like a random collection of trivia; the SAT's format becomes predictable to those willing to study it. The battle for higher scores evolved from a test of intelligence to a test of character.


In my experience, the greatest score improvements are made by students who are dedicated, efficient, and, most importantly, self-driven. I remember that in one of the first AP Academy sessions the students were asked, “How many in this room voluntarily asked to sign up for this course?” Four hands, mine among them, rose up from the group of thirty students. When studying in the advanced classes, I saw those three students again, two who were there from the start and one who joined after.


However, success in the testing process is validated not only by a score but also by a genuine interest in the subject. Many students look at the scores on their tests and let those numbers define their ability as a student. However, my best scores occurred when I focused more on the tests themselves and less on the results. Coming into the AP Academy with no SAT training, I honed my ability to stay calm under pressure in tandem with my ability to perform well. Spurred by the dedication and enthusiasm of teachers including Mr. Rhee, Mr. Oh, and Mrs. Nordeman, it felt easy to reciprocate the effort on tests and enjoy studying for the next one. The AP Academy has my sincere thanks.

Andy Huang ( Germantown Academy, Class of  2017)

My experience at the AP Academy has been very meaningful and enjoyable. I was fully challenged to the extent of my abilities. It’s hard to think I was originally receiving 1500 – 1600’s on the SATs, but now I receive scores in the 2100s. I saw my math score go through the roof and my reading & writing score just keep rising. I am impressed with the teachers. I believe that, as I take the SATs, I can do it with confidence.



Cindy Nguyen ( Central Bucks South High School , Class of  2017)

In the beginning of the summer, I was reluctant about spending my entire summer vacation preparing for the SAT. However, in the end I realized that it was worth it. Not only has my score increased, but my confidence and view of myself have changed. Now, I strive to do better and to find a better future for myself, and I believe AP Academy has helped pave the path for my future. I learned about colleges and how to prepare for the transition, and what I am going to have to do to achieve my desired future. Because of this summer, I now feel ready  to face my future and I would like to thank the AP Academy and all the teachers there for helping me this summer.



Esther Yoon (North Penn High School , Class of  2017)

The AP Academy was honestly a great experience. Although at first the work seemed tedious and boring, the passion that the teachers had, especially Ms. Roley, gave me energy and made me appreciate all that the staff does. The work helped me improve my score and surprisingly came in handy in school work too. I also made great friends here to share the suffering, homework answers and great lunches with. I thought the summer would be terrible and slow but it turns out it went by extremely quickly and I realized I had a great time. For that, I thank everyone at AP.



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Joshua Whang (North Penn High School, Class of 2017)

The SAT summer prep was a very challenging course that pushed me to dedicate myself. However, even though it was challenging, it allowed me to jump in leaps and bounds and improve in ways I would never have expected. The strategies and skills were ingrained into me and I got a full experience from it.


Pascal Aubert (Philmont Academy, Class of  2017)

The AP Academy was a great environment. The students were ambitious and inspiring. The teachers were very helpful and considerate. Through this experience, I learned much more than just the SAT Test. I learned how to be very focused and aware of little details. My English improved a lot as I perfected writing, grammar and expanded my vocabulary. I learned testing skills that ban be used in various other standardized tests. Through this course, I learned how to persevere and struggle through the hardships, even when things might not seem so great. The hard work paid off. Thank you for everything!

Suzanne Law ( Hatboro-Horsham High School , Class of 2016)

As a student of AP Academy, I experienced truly close teacher-student relationships. The teachers are sincere in helping me achieve a high score and giving me constructive advice for life beyond high school. Their compassion for educating students allowed me to be more outspoken for help for they are never reluctant to provide aid outside of the classroom. The care that AP Academy places in each of its students makes this place not only a SAT Prep program but also a support system to facilitate the students with drive and aspirations.

Tameem Ahsan (North Penn High School, Class of 2016)

The AP Academy was a reflection of determination from both the stuff and the students. Throughout several weeks of SAT instruction, I witnessed an entire society cooperate and strive to do the best anyone could. I don’t know of any student who didn’t feel like they improved significantly, and the teachers were extremely resourceful and thorough in their instruction. I am grateful not only for the scores I am getting, but for getting to know some awesome people. Thank you!



Ukuru Kaman (Central Bucks South High School, Class of 2016)

The AP Academy definitely has the most demanding schedule/work load, when compared to the other SAT test prep centers that I have been to. However, the AP Academy was able to get me to a point test none of the others could. The others built a solid foundation for me but I could only place just below a 2000(1990). The AP Academy helped me move up into a more competitive zone, and I improved 150 critical points to a 2140. I’m grateful to all of my teachers and Mrs. Park for all they have done for me. Can’t wait for the real test next week.



Vy Trinh (North Penn High School, Class of 2016)

I have learned so much in the past 3 months on how to tackle vocabularies, math problems, reading comprehensions and grammars. It was also a chance for me to meet new friends and learn about the diverse backgrounds they come from. Since day one, I have been very grateful to be a student at the AP Academy. I have improved my scores drastically. My skills in reading, math and vocabs have improved and I will carry those teachings with me into college and beyond. The teachers here are very passionate. They taught me everything they know and help me improve my scores. I would like to say thank you for everything and the memories that I have here!


Zamir Ruli (Central Bucks East High School, Class of 2016)

My time at the AP Academy has been highlighted by the fact that AP is competitive but also a pIace in which friends are made. Throughout our struggles, all of the teachers at AP were willing to help us – outside of classtime, too – to improve ourselves for the better. What I’ve learned here is not simply the way to get a great SAT score, but rather the way to persevere through constant challenge. AP helped me hone in on all of my skills and helped me to excel beyond my beliefs. I know that everything I have learned here will follow me – whether it's organization, strategies, or remaining well-rounded. Thank you for this experience.

Olivia Qiu (Central Bucks West High School, Class of 2017)

The most poignant moment over the course of this camp was after the 1st diagnostic on the first day. Mr. Rhee had just come in to give us a spiel on SAT and math. Despite being exhausted and almost asleep, something caught my interest. Mr. Rhee told a story of a girl who did 1000+ SAT math problems, and I remember thinking. “I’m going to do that too. I’ve never taken any out-of-school exam class more seriously. Mr. Rhee also promised that we would get 2200s and over, but only if we left each day with all our questions asked and answered. I took that to heart. Each day, I would do my classwork with attentiveness and ask questions to clarify even the smallest of queries. At home, I’d input my HW answers online, redo the ones I got wrong and write down the ones I needed to ask for help on the next day. Sometimes this process took 2+ hours, especially in the beginning when I got many wrong. But Mr. Rhee also told us preparation for class was critical. 4 months later, I look back on how I intellectually sweated and stuck with my good attitude. I can say that AP Academy really got me in the right track, and that I can have a fighting chance on Test Day. The Elite class especially helped my stamina.

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