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Spring 2024
SAT/ACT Power Prep

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Spring 2024 SAT/ACT Power Prep Program!

Spring 2024
Middle/High School Program

Call for a consultation and register today!

All classes are taught live and online!

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Test Prep and Private Tutoring

Servicing 3-12

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SAT/ACT Test Prep

The AP Academy is one of the leading test preparation services in the great Philadelphia area. We offer classes as well as private tutoring to fit the student's needs. Our teachers offer comprehensive instruction that will help your student meet the competitive standards by some of the top schools in the nation.

Guaranteed Results

The landscape of education has changed drastically in the last decade, and we are here to help you navigate your way through. Whether its a school test or an AP exam, we will be there to help you achieve your goals. With innovative teaching techniques, qualified instructors, and quality learning materials, we help students strengthen their foundations and improve their skills, with guaranteed results.

Course Information

Our amazing instructors have a variety of courses available for your different needs. Click on a course below to learn more about it!

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SAT/ACT Power Prep Course

Math Notebook and Calculator

Weekday Course

Education Books Bookshelves

7-12 Weekend Course

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