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Summer SAT/ACT Power Prep

Summer Program Dates

7 Weeks (21 Sessions) June 20th - August 5th

9 Weeks (27 Sessions) June 20th - August 19th

10 Weeks Guarantee June 21st - August 20th (+free sessions until October test)

7 Week (21 Sessions) Program

Join us for 21 sessions this summer where students will learn the ins and outs of the SAT/ACT

Students have the option of joining us for the first or second half of the summer program

9 Week (27 Sessions) Program

Join us for 27 sessions this summer where students will learn the ins and outs of the SAT/ACT all throughout and mastering what they learned during the first 7 weeks of program

Guarantee Program (With +270 SAT +7 ACT Guarantee)

Students who are looking to push their academic abilities can join us for the full duration of the summer in addition to sessions on the fall to ensure they are ready up to their exact test date

Those who join us will be guaranteed a score increase of +270 SAT and +7 ACT

Summer Program Schedule


9AM-4PM Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays


9AM-4PM Tuesdays and Thursdays

If you have any questions regarding our program, please call in and schedule a consultation today!

*Students who take the online course must come in on Fridays after July 8th to take the test in person. This is for the integrity of the test as well as having students take the test in mock testing environments.

2022 Summer Power Prep

                Our summer program is one of our most highlighted programs throughout the year. It is an optimal time for any student to increase their scores. Our program is a reasonable three-day program that looks to teach the Math, Reading, and Writing (and Essay) portions of the SAT while also teaching the Math, English, Reading, Essay and Science portion of the ACT.

               While some may believe that taking one of the two tests is a matter of preference, we recommend that ALL students take both tests. Since the change in March of 2016, the SAT has reflected a change that is similar to and comparable with the ACT. This gives the student the advantage when preparing for any of the two standardized tests. It is our unique program that prepares students through a hybrid course to effectively prepare the way for college applications for our students.

               Our program this summer will completed online via Zoom. We have found that an online education is viable for the SAT/ACT tests. All materials and necessary class material will be provided via e-mail and at location. We will provide specific instructions for those looking to pick-up their classwork.


The highlights of our program are as follows:

  1. Placement Test

  2. 10 Evaluation tests (SAT & ACT) throughout the summer

  3. 12 Level Based Classes (Intermediate, Advanced, Elite & Perfect score class)

  4. Progress Reports

  5. Daily Quizzes Administered Online

  6. Online Homework System


        We believe in our ability to educate students through our program. Every student that joins the program, will be required to take a placement exam. Those exam scores will be the starting metric for our guarantee program. Throughout the course of the summer, we have specific test dates in which the student will be given a diagnostic as to their performance. After each week, parents and students will receive these scores through a progress report.

Each student will be taking daily quizzes to help us focus on specific areas of the test. All quizzes will be made from material reviewed in the homework and class. A passing grade of 80% or higher is required on all quizzes. Any student who does not pass, must remain after school and review the material with a teacher.

Now more than ever, our online homework system is one of our best tools. This system allows us to keep track of the progress your student is making as well as hone in on areas that need to be improved. We require all students to submit their homework regularly.

               Overall, our summer program is unique in that it is a high impact class that focuses on both the SAT and ACT within a short amount of time. We believe the results we achieved from last year are examples of our success. Our wish is to continue educating students through this program, so that they may increase their chances of admission into the school of their dreams.

Classroom Setting

A typical classroom will include one teacher and up to 15 students. Each class will begin with a review of the homework from the previous class. Afterwards, the teacher will begin a lesson for that day. After reviewing the lesson, each teacher will begin practice with the students. At the AP Academy, we believe in a combined effort to help the student understand the material being presented. The teacher will quite often begin the practice with the students, then ask the students to practice with the teacher, and then have the students practice on their own. This method has been key to ensuring our students succeed in all fields!

Score Improvement Guarantee

At the AP Academy, we offer a guarantee program that will ensure the best and most effective education for your student. When the SAT changed in 2016, we were the first in the region to combine our curriculums and methods to Power Prep both the SAT and ACT. Through our program, we have achieved a minimum score increase of 270 points on the SAT (7 point increase for ACT) for our students who go through the guarantee program. Since, we have proudly had over 200 students achieve Subject perfect scores on the SAT & ACT tests. We hope to do the same for your student!


The guarantee program requires a work and dedication to the program. We require all students to complete homework regularly, maintain good attendance, and pass quizzes every day. We believe that this program is the best fit for any student who is looking to raise their scores diligently over the course of our summer program or on Saturdays throughout the year.